The journaling is short and sweet:
Honor the past
Live in the present
Create the future

What I hope I've instilled in my son is the knowledge that what we do in the present affects our future, but not only ours . . . .
it indirectly affects the whole world.
My wish for him . . . . love and peace and pay it forward.

It's a Katie day. I made this frame from a collection of Katie's brushes.
What a fun project. I had so much fun I did one in black AND white. Smile

To name a few of the brushes:
Alandia Meadow Brushes and Stamps
Digital Date Stamps Vol. 10
Beachy Clusters Brushes and Stamps
From My Bookshelf No. 01 Kit
Scrolled Ledger Grids Brushes and Stamps No. 02