Yikes, I don't think I have scrapped for over a year and this image is looking a bit blurry on my screen so hope it's ok.
I recently lost my amazing mother so have been spending a LOT of time looking through old family photographs. This is just one of the many pictures I know nothing about as it was before she met my dad. I'm SOOO rubbish at journaling...there was so much I wanted to say on this but just couldn't express it, hope you can read between the lines!? I love this picture of her though!



Designer Digitals
Katie Pertiet
Negative sleeves No2, Notebook Edge Frames No2, Grungy Ledger Grids No3, Destination Seaside Paper, Background paper - Krafty Guy, Buttons Galore and Loosely Labeled and Cloud-scapes No3 paper pack.

Anna Aspnes
Distressed Toolset No3, Fotoblendz clipping mask No...??, Stiched by Anna White

Jesse Edwards
Animal Lover paper.

Kingthings Typewriter and Unnamed Melody

PS: I THINK the small red heart just visible under the flower is from a Vinnie Pearce freebie from AGES ago and I'm sorry I have no idea where the flower and green sprig are from...I dragged them off another of my unfinished/uncredited layouts!!