Yes, I'm afraid to scrap. How weird is that. Thanks Ali for the much need inspiration!

UFO No21: scan and catalog family slides, finish the family history book where Aunt Fern left off

I have so many unfinished projects that if I listed them all I would get seriously moody. A little voice deep down inside is telling me this is a bad idea. So many times Iíve told myself I wonít start anything new until I finish the projects Iíve left undone. Ok, 1st on the list organize my photos. HmmmÖthat was not a good idea. I wasted most of the time just browsing through my POTDís laughing at the memories and wondering why I hadnít scrapped certain events. With the photos still in a disarray I decide I must do it all again. Why not; what am I afraid of, failure? Iíve done that before, no big deal. Ok, so itís a big deal. I donít want to fail. Just remember youíve got no one to impress and this isnít a race. The only reward will be the countless LOís and very fond memories, I repeat to myself over and over to drown out the little voice telling me this is a very bad idea


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