(I haven't scrapped lately because I am working and taking five classes this term.
I hope to do one more page today, before getting back to writing papers and studying for exams.
Sending my love to you all!)
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(And quite a lot of other things that I played with for
several hours, before finally ending up with this!
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Journaling (this may be easier to read):
6:15 p.m., Thursday, April 15, 2010:
Late, I hurried in from the grocery store. As I came
towards the house from the car, casually looking over
how the gardeners had raked the garden beds, I spotted
my thimble in the dirt right near base of the old climber rose.
How odd! It's the thimble my mom gave me for Christmas
when I was eleven. Let's see… that makes it well over 40
years old, but just as shiny as it ever was, right there in
the dirt!
It's just right. It was big for me then, but for as long as I
can remember now, its been just right for me. I have my
mom's old silver thimble. I even bought a few antique
sterling thimbles on Ebay a few years ago, when I caught
a temporary case of the Ebay bug. But none of them were
ever just right-- for me-- as this one is.
How did it ever end up in the garden?
I would have missed it, eventually. One day, needing to
sew on a button or fix a hem, I would reach and not find it.
With all the stuff of our lives cramming every room of our
home, I might have assumed it would turn up, but I would
have known it was missing and it would have nagged at
me for the rest of my days.
Thank you, God, that I found this little thing that I had not
known was even missing! May all little things that we
treasure turn up, wee blessings, when we have the eyes to