This was the third assignment for Pattie Knox' class at We were to create some hidden text using her amazing lessons.
These are photos from a trip in 2000 to Niger. I'll never forget the young ladies I photographed...This ceremony was for the purpose of choosing a wife.
Text reads:
I think about you often. Were you one of the chosen ones that day? Was the man who laid claim to you kind? You were so young. Do you have children now? Did you survive the droughts and civil strife that plagued your home in the years since? What was your name?
Are you happy? Do you have shelter and food and health? We gazed in each other’s eyes for that brief moment. What did you think of me? I must have seemed so different to you. Was it indifference I saw in your eyes? Curiosity? Was I invading your world? You were so beautiful to me. Your adornments, the tatoos on your face, your skin. So lovely. But so young. I hope you’re being treated well and thriving and I want you to know that we are the same in many ways. We want to survive, to love, to laugh, to cherish our children.
To LIVE. Peace, dear girl.


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