Here I go with the neutrals again . . . I seem to always come back to them . . .
You were so cute in your Easter outfit! I was excited to put you in this ďlittle man outfitĒ as we call them. I had even made some special trips to get the different pieces. Then Easter Sunday came. We met Dadís family at church and you didnít even make it ten minutes into the Mass before you had a blowout! I had to take you out to the back and change your whole outfit. All I had in the diaper bag was your choo choo train one-piece. So, thatís what you wore for the rest of Mass. I had to hold the diaper bag over my legs where my pants had gotten wet too. Oh well! Youíre just as cute to me in any outfit Smile
I still had to get Easter pictures of you in your outfit though, so I ended up taking this photo and some others two days later. And this time you didnít have to wear shoes and socks! I love the photos I got of you too, like this one where you look so naturally happy. Pictures are always better when thereís a story behind them anyway.
The only other time you had a blow out that bad was right after your Baptism. You sure know how to time them!

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