This is for Pattie's art class: lesson 2, on silhouettes and torn tissue paper (I'm working on another page for the torn tissue paper). I knew the story I wanted to tell with this page, but I couldn't get it quite right, so I'm just going to declare it done. I've already posted this page at Get It Scrapped, so apologies if you're seeing it again.

The story is this...

Where I work (I do research science), we are required to give a kind of progress report every few weeks in the form of a PowerPoint presentation to our entire group. I have occasionally joked that if my experiments don't work, then when it's my turn to present I'll be standing in front of my lab putting on a finger shadow puppet show ("Look! It's a bunny! Now it's a barking dog!") I've been carrying the idea of doing a layout about such an occurrence for a while, but I had no clue as to how to execute it when along comes Pattie's class on silhouettes. While digging through my photo stash, I stumbled upon a photo of me pointing at something, and one thing and another and here we are! Smile

ETA: That red brush work behind my silhouette? That's a model of the protein complex I work with.

I have no idea what the critter is on the screen in this layout. It's what I got when I enlarged my hand from the silhouette. I'm going to call it a dog, 'cause if I don't then the very bad pun I've put at the end of the journaling won't work. Smile

Journaling reads:

Sometimes, the reagents go bad.
Sometimes, the column gets clogged.
Sometimes, the shaker breaks.
Sometimes, the cells just...die.
Sometimes, the experiment just...fails.
Sometimes, it's your turn to present.
Sometimes, ya' got nuthin'.
Sometimes, you just have to fake it.
Sometimes, research is...

Rough! Rough!


Anna Aspnes
Clouds No. 01 BrushSet
ArtPlay Palette Obsession No. 01 Value Set
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 08
O.M.G. Page Set

Jesse Edwards
Monstrous Brushes and Stamps

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

Pattie Knox
Absolutely Acrylic: Clockworks

Katie Pertiet
Spot Dots Brushes and Stamps No. 05
Taped Photo Masks No. 01
Spring Faire Kit (background paper and journal spot (for "screen"))

Gretchen Thomas
Curbside Paper Pack (clipped to audience silhouette)

ColorBurned Hi-Res Brush Strokes, from Pattie's class materials

Photos of beaker, pipette and audience are from
Got the idea for a spotlight from Jana Morton's wonderful Trick Artist layout.
Fonts: Adman Graphics, Shadow Puppets, Science Project, Children Should Not Play with Dead Things

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