It was dog madness at Mom's on Easter. Tina and John brought Wookie, Gary and Marge brought Smoky and Kloe, and Marco put up with them all. No dogs got snacks from the dinner table -honest! Marco looks a little pensive, probably because dinner is over and the snacks are gone! Kloe wore Smoky and Marco out. I didn't get a pic of Wookie, but he looks a lot like Kloe, only whiter with a little bit longer hair. He and Kloe are best buds now. Kloe is eight months old, and fearless about attacking Smoky, who's about six times her size. Mom and Marco - Yeah, that's the hopeful snack face. Gary and Marge - cute couple! My Honey, enjoying the traditional post-Easter Dinner nap in Mom's recliner. April 4, 2010. Rejoice, Color Inspiration 10 04 09, and Email Inspiration 03 07 10 paper from Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals. Font is Calibri.