Decided to try a new layout for this week. Love Lynn's templates!

April 1st and the daytime temp hit 83! No foolin’. Later in the week we’re supposed to break 90. Way too early for that! Even tho we never get seasick, I always take a mini aresenal of remedies “just in case”. It still amazes me how such a big cat can balance on such a small surface. She really has some fancy footwork. David came back from PA Sat. PM and brought a pot of tulips and a hyacinth. The house smells wonderful! Rufus loves stalking the birds a the feeder. Never gets much futher than just wishful thinking on her part. Couldn’t resist the impulse to buy them so I bought some plants and planted the window box on the garage. Hope I don’t regret my early start.....Thursday was spent wrapping up a project for work and doing laundry so we can finish packing. Two more days!

Scrap Express No. 55
Kohi Kit
Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
KPertiet's Email Inspiration 2.21.10