Things I'm Good At Doing
• Internet Searches
• Giving Jennifer a ponytail (I’ve had lots of practice)
• Remembering appointments
• Cooking (most things)
• Meeting deadlines
• Making lists (really)
• Loving my family
• Rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)
• Following rules
• Handing scissors over safely (learned that from my mom, an operating room nurse)
• Enjoying nature
• Keeping my desk neat (or I’ll go insane)
• Keeping secrets
• Being loyal (to school, family, church, friends, city, Internet communities, etc.)
• Dog Training
• Using white backgrounds on scrapbook pages (actually kinda additive)
• Organizing, leading and taking hikes
• Finding things (Super Finder I am called)
* Documenting our lives with stories, photos and beautiful things
• “Making me do stuff I don’t want to do” - so Jackie says
•Writing for fun and publication
• Supporting my children’s interests

Katie Pertiet:
Botanical Artistry Paper Pack
Mon Petit Ballon Bleu Solids Paper Pack
Classic Cardstock: Polar
Classic Cardstock: Energy

Cathy Zielske:
XX Things Template