Here's my lastest 365 project. Trying to keep up-to-date better . . . I'm thankful for spring to have some outdoor pictures and see some new variety. Thanks for looking! Smile

26. With all the mounds of snow melted away now, Jake rediscovered his orange bumper toy from last fall.
27. Nathan has been rolling over much more lately. He is exploring new things within his grasp, though not crawling quite yet!
28. Time to uncover the roses! Roses are my favorite. This is my start to what I would like to be a rose garden someday. Temps in the 70s, it’s wonderful! I love spring! Can’t wait to see their beautiful, colorful, and aromatic blooms!
29. The budding has begun! This is our maple tree in the back yard.
30. Salmon, pierogies, and green beens. Another of our staple meals for the time being.
31. Saylor hasn’t been over to visit Jake in a while. He misses her. They sit and look at each other from their respective decks.
1. April Fools Day! I’m not much for tricks though . . . I do like Nathan’s latest “trick” however - he’s getting better at sitting up!
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