Part 2? What about Part 1? Well, I am good at my job, so I made a page about it. But, I am pretty sure I'm not supposed to post much on the internet about said job... so... I get to share part 2. (edit: I'm just a bridge engineer, but any photos from work would technically be owned by work, etc. I'm probably just overly concerned but THAT is another page!) Part 2 are the parts of being a mom I'm good at. Notice I left out the "being patient with you". Still working on that one. But, now I've put some of it in writing for my darlings to disagree with in 10 years when they become teenagers Smile

The idea for the text overlay is from a fuji film ad... "1000 words".

"Giving hugs and kisses. Singing songs (and note I said singing songs, not carrying a tune). Carrying three plates from the kitchen to the table at one time. Reading books. learning from you. Fitting three toddlers on my lap at once. Keeping three kids active (family dance time is a favorite). distracting. Asking questions. Answering questions. feeding babies. documenting our time together. Picking things up with my feet (and not dropping the kid I’m carrying at the same time). Playing chase. Kissing boo-boos. introducing new experiences. making old toys new again. fixing broken toys (i should have a secondary degree in stuffed animal sewing and tape dispensing). giving cuddles. Playing pretend (and I will hug you, and love you, and name you George). planning for your future. Giving praise. Turning everyday moments into learning experiences. Encouraging you. Teaching the importance of family. being there for you. Loving you (forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever)."

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