My aunt is loosing her battle to breast cancer. Last month she was told she has 3 months to live. My family is shaken by this. My daughters are very close to her and it’s really effecting their emotions. A friend told me about a gift she had her kids make for their grandmother before breast cancer took her. I took this idea and ran with it. One jar has Hershey Hugs and a label saying: Hugs, giving hugs with lot’s of love! And another jar with Hershey Kisses saying: Kiss, wanna give you a sweet kiss! One of my girls is the hugger in the family and the other is a kisser, so this perfectly describes them. I found a poem and reworded it:

Inside this jar
I thought that I would show
That you are loved
More than you’ll ever know.

So I gathered you some hugs & kisses
As you can plainly see
They are sweet and special
Given to you from me.

So when you are down
Or feeling blue
Grab a little hug or kiss
And know I think of you.

And with each little hug or kiss
That you take away
Remember that I love you
Each and every day!

Double XL Designs font: made by Bailey for my aunt
(My Aunt loves this because she can type personal notes. Her handwriting is not too good anymore.
Thanks again Bailey for your wonderful talent!)
Anna Aspnes: tOOtH fAiRy WordART