Here is another week - a quarter of the way through!

26. Georgia had a fabulous time in the balls at KidZone, we met Simone, Craig and Emily there for a catch-up. 27. Georgia’s first haircut! We went to Tina at Kreative Hair for a trim. 28. We went to Dreamworld and Whitewater World with the MacKays, it was a great day, this is Hayden and I on the bumper cars. 29. First day of school holidays for Hayden, he and I made Lego in his room. I made this Indiana Jones tree house. 30. I was taking e.m.s. team photos today, this is Erin at the team meeting. 31. I was supposed to run this morning but my bed was far too warm and cozy, and I was exhausted. No running, bed instead! 1. I went to the Uni running track to calibrate my Nike+ sensor after I got it working again - finally!
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