I found this terrific description of teenagers and thought these two "wonderful" photos of my children were the perfect shots of "at-TEEN-tude" for this page. If you have or have had teens then you are familiar with "this look." (They were misguided if they thought I would not scrap them one day!) My daughter is out of her teens and my son has another year left, but this interesting chapter in parentling certainly has it's ups and downs and thought this description verbalized some of the reasoning why so very well.
Thanks for looking!

Journaling reads-
A teenager is…..

…a person who is part child and part adult.
…someone who loves to have fun
and thrives on excitement,
yet sometimes feels overwhelmed by
new responsibilities and expectations.
…someone who is still learning from the past
and is unsure about the future.
…someone who craves friends and
an active social life, yet finds that
you can’t please everyone.
…someone who needs someone
in his or her life
who is a good example,
who can be trusted with secrets,
who is an avid listener.
…someone who needs to know
that life always gets better
and that things worth having
are worth working and waiting for.

A teenager is someone who needs to understand that
trying, combined with persistence and determination,
are the biggest parts of succeeding
and that mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them.

In between the joy of being a protected,
cherished child
and the contentment of being a free,
independent adult
is the fun
the frustration
the confusion
the boredom
the excitement
the despondence
and the elation
of a
-Barbara Cage

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