Journaling Reads:

It’s All About the Shoes...

Unless you’re one of the guys. Then THEY would’s all about the truck. Because this was your daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s truck. That would make him your Great-Grandpa Newby. And your daddy got it from his grandma after Grandpa Bill died and he fixed it up so it would run good again. And he would like to have it
painted the same way it was painted when it was new, but that will have to wait. He did leave everything the same inside, though. Even the astro-turf on the ceiling to muffle road sound. He even left the empty McDonald’s bags on the floor behind the seats because....well, because they had been grandpa’s. And there were bags in the glove compartment that were grandpa’s, too, that your daddy never even bothered to
look at. Because they were his grandpa’s, and he wanted to leave the truck just the way it had been the last time his grandpa drove it. Until a policeman stopped him on the way home from work one time because he had a tail-light out. And the policeman wanted to know what was in the bags in the glove compartment. Your daddy was pretty nervous, because the truck was grandpa’s hunting truck. And remember, he had never looked inside the bags, because they were his grandpa’s. Well, he should have looked before. Because your grandpa kept some ammunition in the glove compartment. And THEN the policeman wanted to see
EVERYTHING in your daddy’s truck that had been his grandpa’s truck. And he did. And your daddy got to come home. And he cleaned out the glove compartment. Of Grandpa’s Truck. So, maybe until your shoes have a story, I guess it IS about the truck...this time.

Paper: Cashmere Solids Paper Pack and Songbird Avenue Port au Prince
Stacked Photo Clusters
Grungy Ledger Frames Brushes and Stamps No. 01
2007 + 2008 + 2009 Brackets Title + Journal
Fonts: AFL & Megan Hand