Just a few musings about my job. Not a rant, really, more like talking out loud, a sort of taking stock. With the personnel change that occurred in February, the act of actually going into work became a joy again, doing my research became a joy again. There are certain managerial tasks that need to be tended to, though, and because I'm a permanent member of the lab (unlike, say, a grad student), I was the likely candidate to take up these responsibilities. I did so happily, with a promotion, of course, as I've mentioned before. However, I had no idea how badly things were allowed to deteriorate. It's been a bumpy few weeks, mainly because I was trying to fix everything overnight while still trying to do my research, but at last the good days are outweighing the bad, things are starting to work the way they are supposed to (and by that I mean they're starting to work the way I want them to! Smile ) There is still the occasional bad day, and on one such day I came home and saw my cat looking like she, too had had a bad day. So, one thing and another and here we are. (Peter says I cheated by using the cat's photo instead of my own on this page, but seriously, what I look like at the end of a hard day, trust me when I say you'd much rather be looking at the cat! When her fur sticks out all akimbo it's supposed to, when her tail is drooping, well, the less said about my tail the better...you know what? I'm going to stop writing now. Smile

Journaling reads:

"Breathe. Just breathe.

It’s been a bit of a wild ride at work these past few weeks. By turns exhilarating and exhausting, I am thoroughly enjoying my job again, thoroughly enjoying my new responsibilities. Things were soooo broken for soooo long, though!


The trick, I think, is trying not to fix in a matter of weeks what took years to break.

Just breathe.

A kind of tipping point has finally been reached; there are finally more good days than bad, finally more days where things mostly go right. Still, and only sometimes now, I have a hard day at the office."

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