I am FINALLY caught up! (Here's the rest) That's as close as I ever want to be to considering dropping this project. I really want to keep it up throughout this year. I'm so glad I got caught up. Hopefully with the emergence of spring I will be somewhat revived with things to photograph and add some variety to my pages. TFL! And thanks again to Anke's inpspiration for these pages!

19. Just when we had gotten rid of all the mounds of snow . . . 3-4 more inches!! It shouldn’t stick around this time at least . . .
20. Nathan is 6 months old today!
21. We went for a train watching drive today. We went down to the BN line that goes through Lucas. Nate did well in the car, and so did Jake, and we did catch a couple of trains. This was a loaded coal train that we saw at our usual spot on the bridge.
22. Today was Dad’s 65th birthday. He and Mom are down in Arkansas at Luke’s for two weeks right now, so I called him to wish him a happy birthday down there. They were working on flooring the kitchen.
23. Stocked up on pears. It is the one fruit that I can eat right now that I know doesn’t cause any problems for Nathan. Besides that, he loves them! Whenever I eat one, I have to share it with him. He loves sucking on the juice.
24. I had tried to go to the Right to Life books sale yesterday with Nathan on it’s opening day, but all the people scared him right away, so we had to leave. Today I went back and took Joan. He did better. Well enough that we were able to each pick out some books to get.
25. My new tripod came!

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