Oh, how to put it all in one card?!! So much to say! I copied the text from the blog and pasted it into wordle (www.wordle.net). A mere 20,000 words! I think it captures some of what is so great about this place. Thanks so much to Katie and Randy for their drive and vision, to the designers and CT for making it such a buzz to be here and to all the wonderful, like-minded friends I've made here. I had a whole bunch of stuff on this page but in the end I retreated back to my old favorites: Katie's Naturally Krafty No. 07 Paper Pack and Spot Dots No. 10 Paper Pack
(and a new fave - Stuffed Edge Journalers No. 01)
Anna's Stitched By Anna Brown No. 02
Lynn's Worn Page Edges No. 02.
The large no. 5 is in the font Pickwick, colored in a sort of Katie red with Katie's sanding and shadow actions.
My font is Pea KatieH
The wordle font is what wordle offers it's called "loved by the King". I just checked and it is available at dafont. Why didn't I think of that before?!