I am FINALLY caught up! That's as close as I ever want to be to considering dropping this project. I really want to keep it up throughout this year. I'm so glad I got caught up. Hopefully with the emergence of spring I will be somewhat revived with things to photograph and add some variety to my pages. TFL! And thanks again to Anke's inpspiration for these pages!
(I'll have more to post later - I'm over my limit for today)
Week 10 Journaling:
5. Nate went in for his 5 month shots today. One in each leg. He did well untill the poke. We had it first thing in the morning so Tom could come too. These shots were a little late since I postponed them when he was sick.
6. Vacuuming . . . it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Not my favorite task, but I love right after I’m done when it’s all clean!
7. Nathan and Tom watching basketball together. I love how they have the same intent expressions.
8. Tom’s 31st birthday! This is the scrapbooked card I made for him. I also picked up a Dairy Queen blizzard for him as a little surprise treat for after supper, and was dressed up when he came home. He didn’t want me to buy him anything, so I tried to do a few simple things to make it a special day for him.
9. Since there was good sunlight, I tried to do a little “photo shoot” of Nathan similar to what Elizabeth did last December. This was one of my favorites that I got. I like the excitement in his eyes and his smile.
10. Jake. No matter where we are throughout the day, he is by our side.
Lynn Grieveson:
Scrap Express No. 55 Template

Katie Pertiet:
Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
Classic Cardstock: Foundation
Classic Cardstock: Be Mine

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Fotoblendz template No. 2

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