I am FINALLY caught up! That's as close as I ever want to be to considering dropping this project. I really want to keep it up throughout this year. I'm so glad I got caught up. Hopefully with the emergence of spring I will be somewhat revived with things to photograph and add some variety to my pages. TFL! And thanks again to Anke's inpspiration for these pages!
(I'll have more to post later - I'm over my limit for today)

Week 8 Journaling:
19. This is Jake’s spot for watching out of the upstairs window while I fold laundry on the guest bed.
20. Nathan is 5 months old today!
21. Nathan has had a cold this past week, and it was just starting to get a little better when something else hit him. He got really sick Sunday night, and was throwing up or trying to for a few hours. It was so sad to see him so sick. He didn’t even cry that much because he just felt so miserable and it took all his energy out of him. John came over to check on him too and said the rosary with us for him. He would try to throw up and then he was just go to sleep in my arms right after (not like him at all). He finally got everything out of his system and later on ate. Then he was able to rest. By Monday morning he was already much more like his usual self. We were so relieved. He was supposed to have 5 month shots Monday morning, but I rescheduled until he was back to good health. Must have been some kind of bug!
22. Pasta, one of the three staple suppers I’m able to have right now.
23. Eager to take more pictures and learn more about photography, but currently running out of subjects (other than Nathan and Jake of course). Ready for spring . . .
24. Nathan practicing sitting up on our bed. He tipped over . . . and thought it was fun.
25. BBQ chicken. Another one of the three staple suppers I’m able to have right now. It’s good, but I’m getting tired of eating the same things so much.

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