For the Saturday Scraplift #146 of this great page by nensike:

I loved how she extracted part of the photo to give the page more dimension - what a brilliant little design move! I found this silly shot in my stash and I probably never would have used it for a page. . . but it was perfect for this challenge. And the sentiments are all true. While I am always instantly lost, marveling at the beautiful surroundings when we're out on a hike, my husband is, well. . . usually doing other things. So I dedicate this page to my somewhat goofy, but always loving, DH:

Text reads:
dazzling light filters through the trees
birds perch, sing and take flight
an early winter wind carries a taste of pine

the path stretches ahead, beckoning us to see more
everywhere i look, i snap my lens. . . once, twice, twenty times
enraptured, i turn to see if you are capturing it as well

nope. you’re taking a silly picture of me
as i turn to take a picture of you
and this is why, my dear, you are not the CAMERAMAN

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P.S. Thanks, Katie for the wonderful sticker freebies. I've been dying to use them and this page just fit the bill perfectly.

Thanks for looking! : )