Erica (artmidget) posted this thread in the forum a while back. It was a fun few minutes and I discovered a new font in the process. I've yet to find a download of the font that doesn't want "too much" money for it, but I'll keep looking. :O)

Designed by Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones, Archer Hairline is a modern typeface with a straight forward appearance, but one that has tiny outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotion only apparent on closer examination.
If you are someone who is outwardly composed, but will occasionally run into the bathroom for a quick laugh or a quiet cry before emerging to the world outwardly composed again, then Archer Hairline is your type. This doesn’t really describe me at all. . . but, I do so love this font.

Lynn Grieveson:
Scrap Express No. 56 (altered)

ETA: Decided to move this to the JMT gallery since it fits the challenge. ;O)