I've had this idea for awhile and the birthday celebration seemed like the perfect time to do this page.

First off, I hope some of you don't mind that I used your beautiful pages. Secondly, I hope people aren't offended if their page is not included...I would have LOVED to have done a whole book...I LOVE going through the gallery and seeing everybody's work. There is so much talent and inspiration here. It was an interesting activity. I started with a page and then I went to the comment section of that particular page and then picked somebody else's gallery and this is where I ended up. At any rate, thank you for helping me with the page.

Journaling: Thank you for the wonderful products...Thank you for the fun challenges...Thank you for the friendships that have stretched across the world...Thank you for letting us share our passion with each other...Thank you for the letting us share our lives witih each other...Thank you for teaching us new things...Thank you for a website that is so easy to use...Thank you for the encouragement and support...Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the prayers, and kind thoughts that are shared through pages and comments...Thank you for the quarterly activities, weekly freebies and sales...Thank you for sharing your vision and creativity with all of us...Thank you for inspiring us to tell our story in our own unique ways...Thank you for bringing us together.

Thank you to Katie and Randy...I cannot say enough about Designer Digitals....you have created a gem and I am so grateful that I found you.

To everybody here...you all contribute so much to DD...through your pages, your comments...everything. I can't imagine there being a warmer community so "thank you".

I am feeling all sappy this morning but just wanted to get this out there. You guys rock! I have never written this much during an upload before...I feel like Squeak although I wish I was as funny as she is!

Credits: K. Pertiet Stuffed Edge Photo Frames
Paper Reveals Layered Templates No. 02

P. Knox Fasten Its! No. 02

M. Martin Ingrid Kit

Thanks for looking!