I had to photograph these old T-shirts before I threw them out. My daughter just loved them, but now they've been abandoned as it seems she's become a young lady! {sniff, sniff}
Journaling:From age 10 to 12 Zoe loved her colorful T-shirts. She was forever finding another T-shirt she desperately wanted and I was forever saying “But you have enough T-shirts!”.
But now that she’s 14 she’s become more sophisticated and no longer wants all those T-shirts. Suddenly I realize my happy, skippy, giggly, freckly Zoe has gone. Suddenly I miss all these happy colorful T-shirts and even the endless requests for more!
I know you have to grow up Zoe and you’re still my sweet girl but I shall always remember fondly your ... favorite T-shirts

All from Pitter Patter by creashens.