This week I was reminded that capturing photos can be done on/by many mediums these days. One shot in here is a screen grab and another is an iPhone photo (which I rarely take!).

19. Hayden had his school swimming carnival at Palmwoods pool. This was his last race of the day. 20. Hayden’s first game of soccer, Kai, Hayden, Oli, Ethan and Jarred are all clearly in some sort of strategy meeting here! 21. Georgia enjoyed riding Azi’s scooter up and down the street. 22. Out of the blue Hayden asked me if we had any Green Day, I did, but not the new stuff, so I bought the new album from iTunes, this is a screen grab of the digital booklet that comes with the album, 21 Guns is the song he wanted (I’m blown away he knows this - not quite 6)! 23. This butterfly was Hayden’s show and tell today. 24. Georgia did her lips with help from Zali and Amaris. 25. Hayden’s class and their Easter hats at the Easter assembly.
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