Just reflecting re: different seasons in my life and my expectations.

Painted FotoBlendz NO. 5 by Anna Aspnes
In-Distress Paper Pack No. 3 by Lynn Grieveson
Scribbled N Scripted Shapes 3 by Katie Pertiet
Coin Holders by Katie Pertiet
Forecast Kit by Lynn Grieveson
Watery Brushes by Katie Pertiet
Touch-Up Paint by Katie Pertiet
Messy Stamped Trims by Katie Pertiet
Four Seasons (recolored) by Lynn Grieveson
Assorted Tapes No. 4 by Katie Pertiet
Dripped Stains No. 3 by Anna Aspnes
Spray Paint by Anna Aspnes

Ways I used paint:
* Watercolored the background and set the blending mode to color
* Used a watercolor brush on my photo
* Clipped Anna's FotoBlendz onto the coin folder
* Spray painted the spiral notebook and clipped a rainbow gradient to it.
* Added drippy splashes with Anna's brushes
* Painted the tape