Heritage Challenge No 24

The story is true from the begining to the end. The true love of that unknown to me woman for my father still touches my soul.
My father told us the story, after his last meeting with her in 1985. My mother knew about it, but she didn't know the meeting before she left to America. And she got very angry.

I apologize for the members that commented this layout, which I posted earlier this morning. I repost it with some corrections for the privacy of the woman.

You are so beautiful here Daphne. The sunrays caress your face and you laugh happy. You are young and in love with the young man behind you, the man who stayed the love of your life. That man was my father. You were an eighteen years old girl when you met him and he was 24. He broke your heart however because he has broken off your affair two years later. The reason of your separation was his fear for the differences between you and him. You were from a rich family and a high school student in the Greek-French School of Ursulines, you spoke fluently the French and German language and you played piano very well. He was from a rich family which had bankrupted. He had finished only two classes from high school and he had to work in a furniture factory from his 15teen and later he had his own workshop and he spoke only his mother language. He was a handsome and clever man, but very proud. He refused the help of your family. He didn’t like that, many times, you and your friends spoke in French when he was present. He had warned you that if that would happen again he would leave you. You didn’t take his warning seriously and he has broken off your affair. He got married three years after your separation and ten years after, you visited him in his workshop. You confessed him that you still loved him deeply and you asked him to leave his wife and his three children and follow you in America. Your family sent you there in order to forget your first love. He refused because he loved his wife and his children. You went to America where you got married an American and you came back after many years, in 1985, after the death of your husband and one year before the death of your first love. You met him and I wonder Daphne what did you say to him. I wonder if you were happy there in the strange land, if you had an easy life and how happy made the man that you got married, if you had your own children. I wonder if you were present in my father’s funeral. I suspect that you were hidden in some corner. I wonder if the flowers we had been finding on his grave for three years after his death were from you. I am sure that they were yours. Then they stopped. I have never met you Daphne, but I feel a great sympathy for you, I take my hat off to you, because you were a passionate woman, because I have a great sympathy to the broken hearts and because "your broken heart belonged always to my daddy."
P.S. We, Greeks, when we say America, we mean USA
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