This is the title page for my oldest daughter's school album. I pounced on Cathy Zielske's School Album Templates as soon as they were available. So easy, easy, easy--to change, tweak, and perfect. Luckily, I've kept all of the girls' grade cards, school photos, and memorabilia very well organized, so putting this together will be a piece of cake. I had planned on doing these albums (two more girls to follow!) with paper, but since I started dabbling in digital, I thought it would be simpler this way. Looks great and is saving me valuable time. I plan on giving the completed album to my sixth-grader at the end of the school year.

CREDITS: Cathy Zielske's School Album Templates, Katie Pertiet's Notebook Paper No. 7, Katie Pertiet's Naturally Krafty Paper, Katie Pertiet's Energy Cardstock, Ethan Solids Paper.