I came across these photos today, and they made me smile. Even though it was almost three years ago, I remember this moment so clearly. Dad, Jake, and I were already seated at the table, waiting for you. I was getting impatient and kept calling for you. Several minutes later, you entered the room. You looked absolutely handsome (and completely adorable!). I asked why you had on your good suit and Jake’s tie, and you replied, “This is a special occasion.” I must have looked confused, and you added, “We are eating together.” I was taken aback, realizing at that moment that we didn’t eat together often. I hadn’t thought much of it before then, but you made me realize how important it is for us to take the time to sit together and spend dinner time as a family. Since that day, we have made an effort to eat together at the table as much as possible. Thank you, Ian.


Cathy Zielski-
• CZ Layered Template No. 12

Katie Pertiet-
• Collection Manuscrite
• Naturally Krafty
• Surfer Dude
• Spot Dots Olympic
• Metal Clip
• Clock Parts
• Cut-Ups My Family Genealogy
• Ledger Grids Brush

Anna Aspnes-
• Stitched By Anna -White No. 5

Pattie Knox-
• Have a Heart Felts

Kellie Mize-
• Double Dates No. 1

Ali Edwards-
• Remember Word Art

Amy Wolff-
• Gratitude Kit (buttons)

Amanda Rockwell-
• Got Boys (button)

Emily Powers-
• Acrylic Hearts

Ah! Designs-
• Felt trim