For those of you who may not know, Gotcha Day is a celebration of the day an adoptive child joins the family. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate two such days in our family.

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Journaling: It was not the celebration I hoped we’d have for your fourth Gotcha Day. We went up to Oklahoma at the last minute for a surprise birthday dinner for Nanny’s 80th. Unfortunately, that meant we were driving back home on your special day. During the drive home, Dad and I debated how best to celebrate it given that we had six hours of driving ahead of us. We decided to get you some flowers and let you select the movie for movie night. When we stopped for gas, Dad snuck over to WalMart and picked up four red sunflowers -- red for your Chinese name; sunflowers for the sunshine you’ve given us, and one for every year we’ve been blessed to have you in our family, Boo.

Credits: ZipIts -- Pattie Knox
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