10: I want to be a Biologist! An Oceanographer! An Artist! An Archeologist! I want to live in a house by the ocean, built of wood and glass, and watch the storms roll in. Dreaming of gorgeous horses – the Black, the Red, Misty, the Godolphin Arabian. I want a room of my own – sorry, baby brother John, you have to join the rest of the brothers upstairs in GI Joe heaven.
20: Still want to be an artist, but majoring in Biology because it’s more “practical” and I love field bio. Still dreaming of the wood and glass house by the ocean. Getting good grades and extracurriculars consume my days and causes insomnia at night.
30: Dreaming of having an employed husband, being a writer, having a happy life. Not happening. The wood and glass house turns into a bi-level on a pond, and a back yard full of baby geese, a couple of beavers and a muskrat – love it! Horses canter through my dreams and into my life.
40: Two years divorced, house of my own, good job. Dreaming of getting a promotion, dating, writing. Dreaming of winning horseshows, sweating, training, grooming, practice and more practice, and a wall full of ribbons and trophies to show for it.
50: Not dreaming any more. The insomnia disappears with the end of a bad marriage. The sun is shining, my house, my horse, my time, my family and friends, my savings, my safe, unbruised body, all mine to cherish. And the reservoir where I walk several times each week is filled with wild swans.
Today: I have a beautiful house - Every year, Grandma Wilk’s peonies bloom around the deck. The back yard is filled with critters, deer tracks, nesting robins, amazing bugs. Snappers and frogs wander in from the marsh, herons stop by for a snack, stilty young killdeer tiddle across the cul-de-sac. The cat is suitably eccentric and the horse still loves trail riding. I have a cool camera and wellies and people to go shooting with. My girlfriends are strong and quirky. And my Honey has the bluest eyes and a good heart.
The story isn’t over and the sun is still shining…

The cartouches were made using the shapes tool and Equestrian by Darrian and Minion Pro fonts. Journaling font and font for the bg ppr are also Minion Pro.