Heritage Challenge / 4th of my Hair series

Having a blast with the whole Retro hair style thing! In the early fifties my Mom had the short bangs popularized by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower (btw Mamie is also attributed with popularizing the color pink that was so big in the fifties!)

Middle photo: Me taken shortly before my first birthday with my Mom who has explained her 'look' at one of frustration. She has always said I was a very easy child except for a couple of times and this was one of them. The story goes--I just was not in a cooperative mood this day and by the time they got a decent picture, my dress was a crumpled mess and she was frustrated!

Credits / All DD

Anna Aspnes
Artsy Layered Template No. 03

Katie Pertiet
Mail Room No. 01 Paper Pack

Michelle Martin
Alyssa Paper Pack

Fonts / Haettenschweiler and CK Nitelite