For those of you who asked about my acting debut with Indiana Jones. My 15 minutes of fame ...

Journaling: Pink. It’s not a color one usually associates with Indiana Jones, but it was pink that made me a star. Not a soft baby pink, but a loud, in-your-face coral. Well ... that and jumping up and down in the aisle when they asked for volunteers at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. The emcee said she couldn’t miss my pink shirt and socks, not to mention my jumping and screaming, “Pick me!” (I think they chose me to stop me from doing myself an injury.) My family’s reaction? They hid under their seats, pretending not to know the lunatic bouncing madly in the aisle. In the end, what did my enthusiasm earn
me ... a stunt scene with Indy himself? Hardly. I was a member of a crowd that went “Oooo” and “Ahh” as Indy fought the bad guys in the marketplace. Was it worth it? You bet! Later that evening, as our family waited for the bus back to the room, several people recognized me and complimented me on my performance. Ah, fame ...

Credits: Help Haiti Kit -- Anna Aspnes, Pattie Knox
Seeing Stars, Tabbed Dates, Natrually Krafty No. 8,
Little Tot Transport, Classic Cardstock Be Mine -- Katie Pertiet
Torn N Tattered Star Stitch Template, OMG Kit -- Anna Aspnes
DYL W10S2 Template -- Cathy Zielske