Gloria was a no-nonsense nurse at Johns Hopkins and I wish I had her here today to talk over my mixed feelings which are hard to look at.

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Spring is nearly here again, and today is your birthday Gloria. How quickly the year has gone since you died . Your heart transplant, though successful, led to your ongoing coma. I cannot help but compare what you went through to what Bekah is going through now. We knew you had done a very clear advance directive and had no desire to be kept alive. Bekah is a child, and cannot make such a personal decision. However, looking at her life since her transplant, one can only wonder what kind of life this has been for her since last June. She is so young, but Dick and I now wonder whether the agony of the year will have been worth it - if...if she dies. It isn’t a decision that is ours and we have no way of knowing what we would have done if we had had our own child and had to face this kind of choice. We also look at the kind of decision we would each make for our own care. Some days it’s very clear...we would not go through chemo and the various treatments available. Other days, we would. On so many days, we watch Bekah suffer as we watched you linger in a half life and wish we could end the wait. If it is to be death, then dear God, let it be soon. Gloria, you have gone through this. Please help us to be patient while watching Bekah’s struggle. Happy 50th Birthday Gloria!