This would fall in the catagory of "I can't believe that I'm putting this out there". It would also fall in the "ART THERAPY" catagory because I started with the idea of being high strung and midway through the project I self-diagnosed as having a "split personality". I'm a completely different person when I am at home. It is fun to just throw things down and not worry about how they look. I really enjoy these challenges Aino! It is so fun to step out of the box.

Credits: K. Pertiet Tied Fasteners
Digital Date Stamps Vol. 16
Watery Wings
Pencil It In
Spiral Bound Paper Pack No. 01
Curled Journal Spots No. 05
Hinge Pack
Yarn Swirls

Anna Aspnes: Autumnal Page Set
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 02
Holly Plume Overlays 12 X 12
ArtPlay Palette Winter No. 01
Bathtime Graphics Page Set

M. Martin Ingrid Kit
J. Edwards Caught Red Handed Kit

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