I love this template!! Smile

:All from Designer Digitals:
Cathy Zielske: Layered Template No. 12
Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock (Foundation), Jewelry Tag Alpha (and staple), Drop Shadow Styles, Cutup Descriptors No 1, Buttoned Up
Michelle Martin: Arboreta paper pack

Journaling: Our day together didn’t start out as either one of us had hoped. We were going to Missoula for your 8 year old check up and had plans to visit the art museum. When your eye started to swell, I quickly gave you some Benadryl and was glad we were going to see the doctor. Everything turned out OK with your eye, but the “Benadryl Effect” put a damper on things; you were such a zombie! We skipped the museum and I did only the errands that HAD to be done. Soon the medicine wore off and you were your happy, silly self again! I suggested Starbucks as our last stop and you happily agreed! I’ve never enjoyed sitting in a Starbucks more - it was just you and I, completely uninterrupted and the conversation flowed. You are so sweet, fun and smart! I love spending time with you!