My dad is turning 70 years old on March 25. He and my mom have asked us not to buy them gifts for birthdays and holidays anymore--they say there is nothing that they need. I didn't want the occasion to go unmarked, however, so I decided to make an album for him. It started with a free write exercise, just putting down what I thought of when I thought of my dad. Now I'm looking through old photos (that he conveniently gave me on CD's a few years ago!) to find pictures that match the memories. I don't know how many I will get to by March 21, when we celebrate....

Ashalee Wall: Weeds Kit (background patterend paper)
Paislee Press: Viewfinder Overlays
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Crush 1 (texture overlay)
Trish Jones: Distressed Diva overlay
Katie Pertiet: Digital Date Stamps No. 15