I've been in the gallery only sporadically for the past few days. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of scrapping? Smile I survived a presentation that I had to do for my job, and I'm pleased to say that it went very well. Even better, I was given some wonderful ideas to try for my project, but enough about that. Back to the oh-so-important business of scrapbooking. This is a page of one of our cats, Baibin, a rather large calico. We like to tell ourselves that she is not overweight but rather she's just big-furred, but I digress... Smile (BTW, her name is pronounced 'bah-BEAN.' There's supposed to be an accent over the 'a' and the second 'i.' We were told when we got her from our vet's rescue program that her name is Irish Gaelic for 'baby' or 'wee one.' Would anyone out there know if this is true? Just curious...)

Ah, cats. Wondrous, extraordinary cats! They have a well-known and well-deserved reputation of being aloof and distant, finicky and independent. Sometimes, though, what they are is just plain goofy. Cats are also well-known for hearing things that no one else can hear, and if you've ever owned a cat, you know what I mean. Baibin in particular seems to notice things that no one, not even another cat, notices. She'll be in the middle of the most complicated grooming routine--legs all akimbo, fur everywhere, clearly deep in concentration--and then all of a sudden she'll sit bolt upright and freeze. We, of course, look in the direction of her gaze and see...nothing. After a moment or two of gazing off at infinity, she'll look at us like WE'RE the crazy ones and then she'll go back to her grooming. See? Goofy, just plain goofy, but it makes me laugh every time. What can I say? I just love this cat!

Oh, and the title? Goofy title for a goofy cat! (Is there a prize for using the word "goofy" the highest number of times in a commentary? Smile )

Journaling reads:
"Somewhere in the world someone or something m o v e d."

Okay, I'm off to get caught up in the gallery...

Jesse Edwards
Sunkissed Kit

Pattie Knox
DIY Acrylic Alphabet

Katie Pertiet
Sweet Layered Template No. 02
Roughed Up Cardstock: Yellow

Fonts: Broadway, Cambria Math

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