No ... it's not what you think! ;-)

This was for a color challenge in Cathy's class. Thought the photo went well with the assignment.

Thank you for looking.

Journaling: You cannot escape it. You will be given a callsign at your first command. Be prepared ... you will have no say in the matter. And the louder you protest, the more certain you can be that the callsign will stick. Mine? Well, let’s just say my youthful exuberance reminded my crew of someone and leave it at that.

Credits: Going Away Kit, Tied Fasteners No. 3, Negative Sleeves No. 2, Under the Tree Kit (stitching) -- Katie Pertiet
Rina -- Michelle Martin
DYL RWC9 Template -- Cathy Zielske

P.S. A "callsign" is a squadron nickname that you use around the hangar and over the radios.