5. Oh the foam! Oh the fun! Had an amazing night out celebrating Sez’s Birthday and mine belatedly. Long story short - we ended up swimming in the ocean at midnight and playing in the foam - and enjoying ourselves very much! 6. Ben and Tyler at Tyler’s 3rd Birthday party - Maze Mania. 7. I ran a bath and my lovely Husband lit some candles for me, their glow was relazing and tranquil. I then tried to capture and preserve that moment. 8. Still life with fruit - I’ve never understood why fruit in a bowl is used so much in drawing class, but here is my version. 9. 3 little monkeys! 10. Mac attack! Jells and I started to teach Sez about photoshop and Designer Digitals. 11. This is the Giraffes’ reading group in 1LF, I was parent helper today.
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