Me when I was Eden's age. I'm jealous of everyone's pages where they actually look like their child. Oh well, at least after getting a list of my traits at that age from my mom I was able to learn of some similarities. Thanks, Steph. This was fun!

"You have super curly hair. You are very strong willed. You love babies. You rarely take naps anymore. You are a good eater. You don’t like to go to bed at night. You are average sized. You love your dolls, tutus, and all things princess."
"I had super straight hair. I was very strong willed. I was good at taking care of Missy I no longer took naps. I was a picky eater. I didn’t like to go to bed at night. I was a teeny, little girl. I liked my Care Bears, Tiny Tears doll, and toy slide."

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