This is my page for the Heritage Challenge on the DD blog . . . today Lynn (Grandma Lynnie) has chosen “heritage hair” for our prompt. Three of the photos are of me from the 1960’s when our hair was generally sort of straight and flipped or piled on top of our heads in a gaggle of curls . . . sometimes we would iron it with an iron on the ironing board. I usually rolled my hair on giant rollers about two inches in diameter and somehow, I would sleep with it like this until it was dry the next morning. Blow dryers had not been invented yet or at least I had never seen one. A little teasing with a comb and brush and a dose of hair spray and I was set to go . . . with “the perfect flip”!

Journaling: The 1960’s were turbulent years for many areas of the United States, but not in our little town. The main concern in my world & that of my friends was keeping our hair smooth, shiny, flipped, teased & poofed!
The words around the edge are a few things that I remember mattering to me during the 1960’s when I was in high school and college. But life was mainly about hair . . . we weren’t very political where I went to school I’m afraid!!!! We did have a great time, studied hard & got a terrific education. “what mattered . good hair . the perfect flip . john fitzgerald. kennedy. vietnam . avocado green . harvest gold . orange . the perfect flip . charm bracelets . geometry . hair curlers . john glenn . the perfect flip . the space race . walt disney . concerts . girl scout troop . civil rights . the beatles . circle pins . peter pan collars . bermuda shorts . penny loafers . seventeen magazine . first super bowl . the perfect flip . dances in the gym . woodstock . martin luther king . bass wejuns . london fog raincoats . the perfect flip . the twist . apollo 11 . sunglasses . mini-skirts . madras . oxford cloth . preppy”

Alana Solids Paper Pack – Michelle Martin
Autumn Lines Elements (brads) – Anna Aspnes
Catch a Rainbow Paper Pack – perfect 1960's solid papers from Katie Pertiet
Clustered Layered Template No. 09 – Katie Pertiet
Gone Fishin Paper Pack – thanks to Jesse Edwards for more perfect 1960's papers!
Orange Orange Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Patterned Flowers: Green – Jesse Edwards
Yuletide Felt Alphabet Collection – Pattie Knox (this alpha looks like it came straight from Seventeen mag's cover!)
Font used is Problem Secretary Normal