Photo One - Devin is watching you!
Photo Two - We lost Phyllis today. She died this evening of a massive heart attack. It wasn’t a complete surprise, but that does not make it easy. This is a 2007 photo that I have always loved; it shows the beautiful light that shone in her eyes.
Photo Three - I did not work today, and was gifted with this flicker who let me take his photo through my window.
Photo Four - Dark-eyed Junco
Photo Five - Since Mom didn’t want any services, only Gary is flying back to be with his brother and help take care of things. So I am alone and sad, and Heather, in Oak Harbor, is alone because her Wayne is on DET in Turkey. We need to be together right now. I got in some healing binocular therapy at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge on my way to Portland to meet her and Matt.
Photo Six - Matt and Cat with Ramona the pug, and Heather at Tryon Creek State Park in Portland - finally my kids are in this book!

Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Linen
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
Letter Box Naturalist Kit
Date Strips Stamps No. 03

Lynn Grieveson
Scrap Express No. 56