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Journaling: I don’t remeber much about my life as a two year old but there are a few things that I do remember from when I was really, really little. My dad always called me “Totts”...I don’t know why. My mom always put me on the back of her green Schwinn bike and we would go up to the park where she would push me in the swing. My dad would always tease me and give me whisker rubs on my cheeks. I grew up in the same small town that my parents grew up in. Everybody knew you and it was a warm feeling to be a part of the community. My grandparents lived near by but they were not an active part of our lvies. Although we did always go to Grandma Millie’s after church on Sundays

I didn’t go to preschool because they didn’t have it. I stayed home with my mom who took care of several of the teacher’s kids. I was very much a Tomboy and had to do what my brothers were doing. I wore their old clothes and felt most comfortable in a football shirt. I don’t think I ever owned anything pink. I used to love going up to the school to pick up pine cones with my mom and then we would take them to Grandma Millie who did crafts with them. My mom cleaned the church and our priest’s house each week. I would sit with Father Daley and eat vanilla wafers while she did this. My mom loved to go for walks so we did that a lot and she always made a game out of stepping on the cracks. I played by myself a lot. I used to cute people out of catalogs and use them as paper dolls.

I went to morning kindergarten which I loved. I refused to wear dresses because I didn’t want to be girly. I was a very determined little girl and loved competition. I started playing golf at a very young age. We went to a lot of athletic events when we were young. We didn’t wear seatbelts. We only ate dinner together at the table on holidays. Our house was by the train track and I would wait at night for the train to go by and the light to shine in my window. I was in a crib until I was almost in kindergarten because I am assuming that they couldn’t afford a bed for me. My favorite shows were Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I loved playing gin rummy with my mom and coloring with my mom. I had a very active imagination. I didn’t watch much tv. I remember sitting by a radio with a seperate tape recorder and taping music.

Credits: K. Pertiet Collection Manuscrite Paper Pack
Vintage Photo Frames No. 16
Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
freebie from 6 pm chat (number words)
Cardstock Tabs No. 01 (brads)

Farm Fresh Collection
Word Labels: Love (recolored)
Basic Twills: Plain
Ad Alpha 1.17.2010

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M. Martin Malin Solids Paper Pack

L. Grieveson Worn Page Edges
In Distress Paper Pack No. 03
It's Elementary: Remix

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