A fun week! Some abstract shots, and some just fun ones Wink

26. Georgia came with me to the optometrist to pick up my glasses - the sales assistant offered her a pair - and what girl wouldn’t love these?!! 27. The kids were playing outside when a sudden downpour surprised us - so the kids big and small just played in the rain. 28. Erin made a scooter/skate/bike ramp for the kids and they were all ready to give it a go. 1. Okay - so it’s really just my drain and some soap bubbles left over from washing up - but I thought it made an interesting abstract shot! 2. And again with the abstract. We’ve been experiencing monsoonal weather and this is the rain on my windscreen as I was waiting to collect Hayden at school. 3. Prudie made the girls a cuppa at our place when we couldn’t play tennis. 4. My boy ♥.
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