JSprague Kraft Paper, AASPNScriptTease, KPertiet_Journals No3.
The journaling is kinda hard to read with the script font (wonder if I should keep that or not):

During prayer, I saw an inkwell and a man's hand with a calligraphy pen in the hand, writing. I realized that the hand I was seeing was the Father's hand and he was writing something in a journal. I heard the word "daughter" and then heard "bold, courageous, fearless". I sorta laughed at that and said, "not me". But then the Father said to me, "I know you better than you know yourself." That made me pause.

Then the Father was back at his writing and I realized that he was keeping a record, a journal, almost like a scrapbook and it was about me. He was keeping track of all the times I had responded to Him. I thought of how I keep scrapbooks about my kids and it is always to celebrate them, their lives, the things I love about them, their accomplishments. And that is what the Father was doing about me. I then realized that he was writing in the Book of Life but it wasn't as I had imagined it. I had imagined the Book of Life to be almost like a phone book with a list of names in it of who made it to heaven. But I saw that it was far more than that. It was a book about me, about my life with God.

Then the Father said, "I know every moment of your life. There is not a single forgotten day. I have recorded every time you have ever said yes to me, every moment that you responded to me. Then I asked, "But what about all of those days when I screwed up, when I sinned, when I didn't respond? Are they in there too?"

The Father smiled and showed me the book. In the book there was lots of writing and when it got to a day where I sinned there was splotches of red blood across those lines covering up what I had done. You couldn't read what I had done. All you could see was the red across the page. The Father looked at me and smiled and said, "That is a day when My Son loved you so much." I began to recall those sinful days, one by one, as many as I could and as I did I turned the pages in the book and each time saw the blood spilled on the page blotting out my sinful deeds or the hurtful memories. And each time the Father looked happy and said to me, "Another day when my Son loved you so much." It turned it all upside down in my head.