Cathy's DYL class has really given me an wonderful opportunity to go back and scrap some older photos. These are some special memories of our time in China when dd first joined our family.

Thank you for looking.

Journaling: While staying at Guangzhou’s White Swan Hotel, I couldn’t resist a few shots of the family on the world-renown red couch, all decked out in their new Chinese finery. These photos hold a special place in my heart for several reasons. Whenever I see them, they bring the whole China experience rushing vividly back to me -- the newness of our relationship with our daughter; the bridges to be built; the adjustments to be made. More than that, however, I treasure these photos because they are the last photos of our daughter as a completely Chinese girl.

Paper Lace -- Jesse Edwards
Quintessentially Cool -- Andrea Victoria
Lolly Solids -- Michelle Martin
Chinese Symbols brush @ Brusheezy
DYL W8S2 Template -- Cathy Zielske