Getting caught up . . .

12. Nathan got his very first Valentine in the mail today from Grandma and Papa. Tom and I also got one from them as well.
13. I actually got this on Valentine’s Day, but I had too many pictures for one day and I wanted to get this one in. This was the Valentine card that Tom made for me. I always love getting his homemade cards, especially for the nice heartfelt messages he writes inside.
14. John and Joan came over for a short visit this afternoon with Nathan and us. Joan brought Nathan a cute little pink and red monkey for Valentine’s Day. He is really drawn to red things, and we make a funny “ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah ah” sound when we show it to him that he loves.
15. MORE snow. Tom has had more than his share of this task this winter. He’s running out of places to pile the snow that he shovels!
16. Nathan is getting the sniffles. It seems like the beginning of a cold. It started on Sunday and has gotten worse now. He hates the taste of these vitamin drops, but I am trying to get him to take some each day to help him get better. He has a hard time eating because his nose is so snotty. Poor little guy.
17. Today was Ash Wednesday. I didn’t end up going because I didn’t want to take Nathan out in the cold when he was already not doing well with his own cold. I think it is the first Ash Wednesday Mass I have ever missed.
18. Tom and I have been feeling like we may be starting to catch Nathan’s cold, so we’re stepping up the Vitamin C. We’ve been lucky so far this winter. Hopefully we can stave this one off as well.

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