Getting caught up . . .

5. The scrapbook “card” I made for Tom for Valentine’s Day just the day before came via Fed Ex first thing this morning even before Tom left for work. Good thing he didn’t ask what was in the box!
6. Nathan in a happy mood. Gotta love those times!
7. The sun finally came out this morning after hiding the last few days. Jake enjoyed a sunny spot by the sliding door after having his breakfast.
8. I packed up some clothes of Nathan’s that don’t fit him anymore. Hard to believe how much he has grown and changed in the last 4 months.
9. I had a rough day with Nathan today. I talked to Tom at work a couple of times as he tried to help me figure out what I am eating that is still causing Nathan problems. He was so sweet he brought me early Valentine’s Day flowers (14 pink and red roses) when he came home from work. He was dressed in his suit from a meeting at work, and he came to the front door and rang the doorbell to deliver them. Totally made my day!
10. Nathan and I went to Jill’s today and hung out with her and Hannah for the afternoon. We had a good time. This was Hannah right after she woke up from her nap. Jill is 23 weeks right now.
11. I never enjoy making the trip to Aldi’s to buy Jake’s meat, but today I was happy to do it because it meant I was able to get some errands done with Nathan. We did the Target shopping (in about 10 minutes), and then also got the Aldi’s turkey. I was glad that then Tom wouldn’t have to do it this weekend.

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